1987 Hualien Oolong from Cha Yi Teas

This 1987 Hualien oolong originated in Taiwan.   I steeped 1 tsp for 5 minutes in 98 degree Celsius water.

This is my first 25 year old oolong.   Dry, this tea has a complex, earthy aroma with some fruity undertones.   It reminds me a little of my favorite milk oolong.   While steeping these aromas became much stronger – I almost forgot to remove my infuser because I was completely taken away by the lovely smells coming from my cup!

The quality of this tea was immediately apparent- This is the vintage wine of oolongs!    The  first infusion was smooth. smooth, smooth!  The rich earthiness lingered pleasantly on my tongue.  I also got a little sweetness with some very slight floral undertones.

I steeped for 4 minutes on the second infusion.    The earthiness was still there, but there was also a crisp sweetness in every sip.

Overall, this tea is fantastic!  It’s rich, complex and economical since it handles multiple infusions so well.   On just the first cup, it has already garnered a place in my permanent tea cupboard.

The vendor’s website can be found here: Cha Yi

The Leaves before steeping:

Isn’t it beautiful?


One response to “1987 Hualien Oolong from Cha Yi Teas

  1. Those a ver beautiful leaves, Oolongs are some of my favs, you talked about it lingering on the tongue that sounds good to me I love those mouthfeels 🙂

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